22 June, 2016

Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion WIP - Part 2

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve not had much time for painting at all, mostly due to having found out my wife is pregnant. 

The Face is Finished

Last night I managed to get about an hour or so to do a little more work on this guy and I am happy to say that his face is done! I added a bit more of a green tint to one side of his face, darkened the inside of his mouth with a mix of Nuln Oil and Rakarth Flesh followed by the other eye with a mix of Nuln Oil and Carroburg Crimson.

I then painted in his one red eye with Mephiston Red, washed again with Carroburg and dotted with Jakaero Orange.


I added a final highlight of Screaming Skull thinned with Lahmian Medium to the more prominent areas of the face and finished up with some Nurgles Rot in the empty eye socket which is also running down his cheek and around his mouth.

Rust and Corrosion

I slapped loads of Typhus Corrosion on his blades as well as a few spots on armour plates (which I’ve now decided will not be green).  I also painted on some Agrellan Earth, hoping to take advantage of it’s cracking effects, but that hasn’t worked out how I hoped it might.  I think I needed to paint it on thicker, but I don’t think it would like right if I do that.


However it has left a rough texture which should still added to the rusted and corroded effect I was going for.Khorne_Bloodreaver_to_Nurgle_Conversion_WIP_2_Armour_Corrosion

Straps and Manacles

Lastly I put a base coat of brown (can’t remember which right now) on the leather straps across his chest and the belt at his waist.


I also painted up the manacles at his hip.  I laid down some more lovely Typhus Corrosion, then over that I painted bronze.  I want to show some left over Khorne influence, but not much.  I figured this gentle touch of bronze, along with the red loin cloth will be enough.

What's Next?

Next I plan to finish the leather straps, work on the model’s hair, finish the horn and maybe make a start on the armour.


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