23 May, 2016

Nurgle Lord of Plagues WIP

So yesterday I wrote about my purchases at the hobby store this weekend, one of which was The Lord of Plagues which is a stunning model and a great addition to what will hopefully become a sprawling Nurgle army of pestilence.

UPDATE – Finished 2nd February 2016

This model is now complete, you can see the finished Lord of Plagues in this post.

Yesterday I started painting The Lord of Plagues and this post is about my progress and what I have learned so far.

Warhammer AoS Age of Sigmar Chaos Nurgle Lord of Plagues Work in Progress WIP
Nurgle Lord of Plagues Working in Progress

Black and White

I after watching a few videos online of how to paint Nurgle skin tones I decided to undercoat this model with both Chaos Black and Skull White.  The Black is to cover the bottom half of the model which is mostly armour plates and his giant axe since these areas will be painted in dark and/or metallic and black undercoats seem to provide the best base for these.

The upper half of the model is mostly pale skin tone so this is what I undercoated in Skull White in the hope that I can give the skin a nice pallid, almost washed out overall tone to further enhance the torn areas, especially where the intestines are spilling out, as well as what will be purple bruising around these areas.

Sickly, Pallid Flesh

I base coated the flesh of this model with a mix of Kislev Flesh and Screaming Skull (5:3) with a couple drops of Lahmian Medium.  The base coat took two applications to give a nice and even coat.

Once the base coat was dry I highlighted the skin with Screaming Skull thinned with more Lahmian Medium.  The idea was to make the Screaming Skull even more transparent than it is already, in this way I could go over the highlights a couple of times, subtly building it up.

Nurgle Lord of Plagues right arm
Right arm close-up of skin tone

Then I applied a thinned down wash just in the recesses and the skin tears with Rakarth Flesh to give a little depth but ultimately maintaining the sickly complexion I had already achieved.

Skin Rips and Angry Burst Boils

I started with an extremely thinned out mix of Druchii Violet, Carroburg Crimson and Screaming Skull to base coat the interior of skin rips, the intestines and burst boils.  This made these areas a bit too pink and bright, so once dry I applied a a thinned coat of Druchii Violet over the top which made it all nice and dark.

Nurgle Lord of Plagues right back sores and rips
Close up of skin rips

Once dry, I applied a couple coats of Mephiston Red over the raised or larger flat parts.

Axe and Helmet

For the axe head and helmet I applied to thin layers of Leadbelcher and have left it there for now.  I will be looking at ways to create a nice bloodied rust effect on both before I tackle these bits any further.  I just wanted to get a base on them for now so that I could see the model take shape a bit more.

Nurgle Lord of Plagues Axe Head and Helmet
Oh my, what a big axe you have!

Bruised and Stretched Skin

I really wanted to do a good job of the purple bruised and stretched skin so I was very careful with it. I made an extra thin mix of Druchii Violet and Carroburg Crimson and Lahmian Medium 5:1:3 and applied this over the larger area of the stomach, feathering it out from the large skin rip. I also painted around the smaller tears and in the skin creases.

As it dried, I added another drop of Druchii Violet to the mix to darken it up along with another drop of Lahmian Medium and painted this on again from the centre of the tears out but not out as far as before.  I did this a total of four times.

Nurgle Lord of Plagues bruised skin, torn stomach and intestines
Eugh! is this what happens when you mix popping candy and Cola?

Overall I am really happy with how this worked out so far.  I still want to darken the bruising towards the larger rips though.

ARGH! I Forgot His Legs!

This annoyed me – I didn’t realise his legs are unclothed and require painting in skin tones.  As I was running out of time, I made a quick mix as above and applied a single coat directly onto the black undercoat.  It will certainly require another coat and maybe a third before I can work on the legs any further (since the undercoat is black).

Nurgle Lord of Plagues bum and back of legs
The legs need some work

I am hoping that the black undercoat will emphasize that the legs are in the shadow of his bulging upper torso and axe.  If not, I may have to give them a coat of Skull White and start again on the flesh tones.

Photo’s of work so far

So far, so good. At this point I am happy with my overall progress on this model. I think I have adequately achieved the pallid flesh tone I intended and the purple bruising looks good.

Nurgle Lord of Plagues overview of work in progress Day 1 Front
End of Day 1 - Front

Nurgle Lord of Plagues overview of work in progress Day 1 Back
End of Day 1 - Back

Nurgle Lord of Plagues overview of work in progress Day 1 Front and Base
End of Day 1 - Front with Base

How am I doing? If you have any tips for a novice like me painting The Lord of Plagues, please leave a comment below of tweet me.

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