I started painting Games Workshop minis when I was 14 years old.  My parents were kind enough to factor in my hobby when they converted our garage space by making it half workshop and half hobby room.  I used to spend many evenings sat in my "painting room" working on my Undead Army, experimenting with colour and technique, reading White Dwarf magazine and listening to rave music.  I loved it.

I never realised though how important the hobby was to me until long after I gave it up to make room for other more important aspects of life such as moving away from home, having kids and a job, moving again, having more kids and other jobs and so forth.  
Recently though, some 20 years on I have felt a need to pick the hobby up again.
The first mini I completed after over 20 years!

Last year I started painting minis again, but having nowhere set up and permanent to indulge myself I found it really hard to get back in to.  That and the fact that everything has moved on so much.  I have found my skills lacking, my technique needs a lot of work. The miniatures are much more detailed, the paints are all different and White Dwarf magazine is a weekly thing rather than monthly.  Also, I don't like rave music any more.

When my wife saw how serious I was about wanting to get back into painting Warhammer she suggested replacing our tiny garden shed (6×4 foot) with something a little bigger that could be divided into two space.  The first for the essential garden gear that needs to be stored in a shed, and the other for my hobby.  My paint room.

The partition being built!
My friend helping to build the shed
The shed measure 8 foot by 6 foot externally, while the inside measurements for the paint room are considerably less since I have insulated and plaster-boarded that half.  I am finding that setting up and working in such as small space is a challenge but not the bad kind.  I genuinely enjoy the obstacles of setting up and working in my tiny paint room.

A recent photo of the paint room
Now that I have somewhere I can go, away from everyone else, I have found my patience and dedication to the hobby increasing.  My technique still requires a lot of work but I am sure it will come.

This blog is for me to catalogue the paint room's evolution and development, as well as my painting skills and anything else to do with the hobby.

This blog is also, I hope, going to offer some inspiration for people like me who want to pick the hobby up again.