02 June, 2016

Nurgle Lord of Plagues Finished

A few days ago I finished working on the Lord of Plagues for my slowly building Nurgle army.  To be honest, it’s only the second Nurgle model I have started, the first being the Nurglings.

I am really pleased with how the model turned out but there are a couple of things I would do differently if I were to paint another of these models, more on that after some pictures.

Lord of Plagues Photo’s


The Lord of Plagues painted by @danielrmitchell

Once all the painting was done, I decided some blood spatter would really finish off the model.  I added the spatter by loading up a brush with Blood for the Blood God, held it upright in front of the axe of the model and blew hard.  I then added a little Nurgles Rot to the poison/puss leaking from his gut which mixed nicely with the Blood for the Blood God to make a particularly putrescent looking ooze.

The Lord of Plagues ooze close-up


The Base

Basing is new to me, but since The Lord of Plagues is somewhat of a feature model I wanted to create a base that made him stand apart from the norm (well, what is normal for me). I found some tips on creating bases with rocky outcroppings using cork.  This was the result.  Some cork and sand, sprayed black then layered up with differing shades of grey dry brushed on until I was happy.  Lastly I made a puddle of the same poisoned oozing puss as on the model to bring in a little more colour to the base. I am really pleased with the way the way it looks. 

The Lord of Plagues base with ooze puddle close-up

What would I do differently next time?

If I were to paint this model again I would use less blood spatter because although I like the gross look of it, it does detract from the many hours of labour that went into painting the purple bruising on his skin, which I was really pleased with and proud of.

Also, I would more rust effects to the axe.  I did use Typhus Corrosion to roughen the surface texture, but on it’s own that is not enough.


I am not a top class painter, I know this, at best I am a novice.  My hands are not steady enough for crisp edge highlights, I am not experienced enough to know how to clean up mistakes properly either.  However, despite my lack of experience or knowledge I am very pleased with this model.

It wasn’t hard to paint to this standard even though I lack experience of blending colours but what I am taking away from this above anything is how much I enjoyed painting it.  I have started so many models that were never finished because I got bored of them half way through yet the Lord of Plagues was fun from start to finish.

What’s Next?

Next on my list is to finish the Nurglings and to make a start on Gutrot Spume!

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  1. Love those effects paints! Especially the blood splatter... But can see why you'd want to do less, I'm the same with Rust