06 June, 2016

Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion WIP

Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion WIP Header

One of the greatest things about this hobby is that we can take a mini from another faction and convert it to that of our own chosen army.  Seeing that Beasts Of Nurgle has converted some of the Khorne Bloodreavers (from the Age of Sigmar starter set) to Nurgle I decided to try my hand at the same.

The Conversion

Khorne Bloodreaver
This is the model I started with since it didn’t require a great deal of work for the conversion and I like the horn protruding from his head, whereas most of the other Bloodreaver models wear helmets with horns attached.

I filed away the icons of Khorne from the axe and dagger as well as the spike from the skull at the base of the axe, then decided to remove the dagger blade and replace it with a blade from a sword of a skeleton warrior from my bits box, a particularly battle damaged and badly aged blade. I then used a combination of pin drill and craft knife to and a few icons of Nurgle, a few pits, scratches and battle damage to the armour.

For extra effect I also drilled out an eye and added some damage around the eye socket.

Khorne Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion modifications

Painting begins

When all was done with the modifications I undercoated in white and set to work on the skin.

Khorne Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion skin painting
I decided to use several thin washes of of Druchii Violet to wash the eye socket and a couple washes in the recesses of the skin.  I highlighted then left the model for a bit to work on the base.

The Base

Khorne Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion base
The base is cork and sand, undercoated black the drybrushed with various shades of grey until I was happy.

More Painting

Khorne Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion armour prepaeration
I laid down some grey on parts that will be green and black on the trousers and boots as well as drybrushing the skin to make it a bit more pallid.

Khorne Bloodreaver to Nurgle Conversion green skin
After base coating with green on top of the grey from the previous step I painted Khorne Red on the loin cloth (if that’s what you call it) then started the process of staining the left hand side of the torso and head. I want this model to show that Nurgle has blessed it, but still has a long way to go until Nurgle fully accepts him as a convert.

Next Steps

Next I will be working on the sickly green tinge to the skin some more, I want to show the green as working from the damaged eye socket out towards the rest of the body, so will be darker at the eye socket and less so further out.

I will also work on the green armour and trousers leaving the weapons and details like manacles, straps, bracelets, hair etc. until I have decided what I colours I want them to be.
I am also researching how to get a really good rust effect on the blades in much the same was as Beasts of Nurgle achieved his.

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