19 May, 2016

Rejuvenating Old Citadel Paint with Ball Bearings

Yesterday I posted that my Ball Bearings to mix Citadel Paints that I had purchased at the car boot sale had arrived.  As you may recall, I purchased a great many Citadel paints as well as glues, basing kits and models at a car boot sale late last week but the paint had settled and separated quite badly.  I feared that just shaking the pots would not be enough to give the paint the new lease of life it really needed, so I ordered 100 8mm ball bearings from eBay.

Death World Forest Base Paint, Before and After Mixing

As you see in this first picture, the paint pigment is heavily separated
Citadel Death World Forest Base PaintOpening the pot lid you can see just how bad the separation is.
Citadel Death World Forest Base Paint open
After dropping in a single 8mm steel ball bearing and shaking for a few seconds the paint is fully rejuvenated ready for use.Citadel Death World Forest Base Paint mixed

Video – Rejuvenating Old Citadel Paint Paint with a Ball Bearing

I made a couple of video’s and uploaded them to YouTube.
In this first video you can see the process of inspecting the paint, dropping in a single 8mm ball bearing, mixing it up by shaking and finally the end result.

Video – Rejuvenating Old Citadel Paint Paint with a Ball Bearing Part 2 – Hyperlapsed

In this second video, which has been Hyperlapsed, I demonstrate the process with all of the Citadel Layer Paints that were purchased in the bundle.


I am not much of a YouTube video maker, which you can tell, but I hope that this post and the two video’s demonstrate for you just how easy it is to make old paints good again. 
In the end I had enough ball bearings left over to drop one in each of the paint pots I already owned since I figured it could do no harm but would actually help make future mixing easy and faster.  I did not bother placing any balls in the Shades or Texture paints, or for that matter my Dry paints either, since the Shades or too watery for it to be of any real help, and the

Texture and Dry paints too thick.
If you have found this post or the video’s useful or if you have any tips of your own for how to give old paint a new lease of life please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @danielrmitchell

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