22 May, 2016

Nurgle Glotkin, Lord of Plagues and Chaos Warriors

So I might have gone a little bit overboard this weekend when I visited a local('ish) hobby store with the intention to buy brush cleaner and a dropper bottle.
I ended up coming away without the brush cleaner, with the dropper bottle AND…

The Glotkin!

Games Workshop AoS Chaos Nurgle The Glotkin box
I’ve lusted after one of these for absolutely ages and since the hobby store offers 10% off the ticket price of ALL Games Workshop gear I had to get it.  The Glotkin is such a beautiful, detailed and repulsive model – I can’t hardly wait to put the brushes to it. 
The only problem is though, I know my painting skills are nowhere near good enough to do this thing justice, so instead of cracking away at it immediately I've elected instead to concentrate my efforts elsewhere, enhancing my technique and ability until I feel confident enough to rise to the challenge of such an epic centrepiece. 
In the meantime I will continue with my Nurglings and other models.

The Lord of Plagues

Games Workshop AoS Chaos Nurgle The Lord of Plagues assembled unpainted
Another model I’ve loved the though of painting for some time is The Lord of Plagues; a grotesque lump of torn, bulging puss-filled meat on legs with a massive axe. What is not to love? Papa Nurgle has truly blessed his Lord of Plagues. Oddly enough, what I love the most about this model is his shoulder pad – strange, I know but true none-the-less.  That shoulder pad, with the three massive horns really enhances the height and presence of this miniature.
The Lord of Plagues will likely be the first model from this bunch that I paint since I have been dying to tackle that purple bruised and stretched skin on his stomach.  Watching a lot of YouTube video’s on how I am pretty confident that I know the principle of creating such an effect. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it into practice.

Chaos Warriors

Games Workshop AoS Warhammer Chaos Warriors box
I picked these guys up purely because they were cheap. I don’t really have any love for them since they are pretty boring minis however I think I Nurgle might see fit to bestow his blessings upon them and make them a little more Nurgle’y. We’ll se…
With 10% off everything Games Workshop branded this bunch was definitely a bargain that I could not resist but the best bit is that at this particular hobby store the offer is permanent. I will definitely be back for more.
I have my eye on Gutrot Spume and some Putrid Blightkings.

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