07 May, 2016

My first Nurglings! (WIP)

I love all things Nurgle and so I recently purchased a box of Nurglings from my local GW to have some fun with.  Everywhere I read about how people really enjoy painting these guys and so I was really looking forward to getting going with them.
Now, I am not a good painter and it seems to me that I never seem to finish a model so I was really hoping that these awesome little guys would change that.  It didn’t!  Although I had a lot of fun painting them and despite having spent a whole afternoon with them, I still have not finished them.  Yet I can still see why people enjoy painting them so much.  You can experiment  with them, changing shades and colours on the fly.  They are really forgiving models to paint especially for a novice like me.
Father Nurgle loves his Nurglings
The photos show where I left the model but I will complete it soon, I promise!  Then there will be a couple more bases to do too!
Stacks of Nurglings
Do you have any tips for painting Nurglings you would like to share? Comments below!

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