16 May, 2016

How the Paint Room is now

It has only occurred to me today that I have only shared renders of my Paint Room created with Sketch-Up and not a photo of the room itself so I thought I would share one with you today.
How The Paint Room is Now
Space is very tight at the moment and I am still working on storage options.  You can see on the right hand side the my Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack and on the left is what I call my WIP Station which is a small, lightweight shelving unit created by modifying a cheap shoe rack (I plan to build another one soon and intend to post a guide on how it’s done – watch this space for a link).  The WIP Station is an ideal side for holding a lot of models that are being worked on, as well as a few paints.
On the shelf above are a handful of models that have been assembled and are ready for undercoating. Over on the right hand side you can just make out my converted Daemon Prince of Khorne!
Current work in progress - Nurglings, Bloodletters, Sigmarines, Skeletons and more
Here is a better view of the actual paint station area.  The lamp is an angle poise LED lamp.  It casts good light but not over a wide enough area so can throw a few shadows where I don’t want them.  I plan to add a small under shelf strip light, designed for casting light onto kitchen worktops soon.  I have already purchased one from Screwfix.
There you have it, my humble paint room as it stands at them moment.  What do you think?  Have you any idea’s on better storage or how to better use the tiny space (roughly 5ft x 5ft)?  Please leave you thought in the comments below

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