12 May, 2016

Follow my Pinterest Wargaming Boards

I have only recently discovered a love for Pinterest though I am already a self confessed Pinterest addict!
Pinterest is a fantastic source of information and inspiration for every hobby you can think of.  I use it to save ideas for DIY projects, computer repair tools etc. but primarily I use it to save my favourite and most inspirational mini’s and basing ideas as well as associated tutorials.
I currently have two boards, Wargaming and Wargaming – Base Ideas and guides.
In Wargaming I primarily save fantastic examples of painted mini’s. I also save guides, paint charts and a few other odd’s and ends too.
wargaming board on Pinterest
In Wargaming – Bases ideas and guides I save inspiration for different bases and methods.
basing board on Pinterest
Do you have a cool Pinterest board to share? Post a ling in the comments below!

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