24 May, 2016

How to Build a Super Cheap Citadel Paint or Model Rack out of a Shoe Rack

You may have seen my previous guide on how to build an inexpensive citadel paint rack which works really well, however despite it being inexpensive it is not super cheap!

Why Build a Cheap Paint Rack Now?

Since getting an absolute bargain on Citadel paints and other bits at a car boot sale recently I find myself in the position of needing even more space to store my ever growing collection of paints so decided to build something new.

I built something similar in the past, which you can see in the photo below.  I use it to store my expansive work in progress collection, but this new shelf that I am about to demonstrate for you is a bit deeper, allowing for more room for paints and models.

Super Cheap Citadel Paint and Games Workshop model rack by @danielrmitchell
I built the last super cheap rack for my WIPS and Citadel Paints!

Cost and Parts

The total cost of this Citadel Paint rack is less than £10 assuming you have tape, clamps or glue, hacksaw or pliers around the home and don’t have to go out and buy them.  The shoe racks I have used are from The Range and can be found on The Range website.

Also, I am trying something new with this guide.  I’ve been using the Snapguide app for years to create and share various guides, so I’ve decided to embed the guide for this build into this post.

The Guide

Check out How to Build a Super Cheap Citadel Paint or Model Rack by Daniel R Mitchell on Snapguide.

If you have found this useful, or have thoughts on how to alter or enhance the design please leave a comment after this post, on the guide itself or tweet me, I’d love to read your thoughts.

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