05 April, 2016

Planning an Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack

Now that I have my own painting room I no longer wish to be storing my Citadel paints in the Citadel Project Box. It's a great box and very useful when taking painting projects away from home, such as to GW for social painting, but it is not very efficient to use when you have a permanent space available such as my Paint Room.

I spent a fair few hours over the last days deciding what model paint storage racks to buy or make.  HobbyZone.pl make some great, tried and tested racks, but given that I designed my paint room with worktops that have a shallow 40cm depth I feel these racks would occupy far too much space.  As such I worked out that fixed shelving that will occupy the vertical space on the wall behind my worktop would be better for me.

I found a great video on YouTube (below) by ZombiesRCoolPainting that utilises plastic "lipping" that is used for making good corners when plaster-boarding.

After watching I decided to do just this, but had to work out what materials to use and the dimensions I require.
My wish list goes like this:

  • Must cost no more than £10 in materials
  • Must hold 20 Citadel paints on each shelf
  • Since their are 5 basic types of Citadel paint (Base, Shade, Layer, Dry and Everything Else - glazes, technical, LGS etc) I will need 5 shelves.
  • I also want void space at the bottom, just in case I wish to add shelves or store other bits and pieces.
  • The whole unit must not protrude more than a couple inches from the wall.
I am rubbish at making detailed drawings by hand, so I turned to the computer to help me out here.  I used SketchUp 6 to produce a 3D model of the project.  Having never used SketchUp before, I had to deal with a bit of a learning curve and the 3D model took abour 4 hours to construct but I have it has helped me begin learning a new skill that I feel I could make a lot of use of in the future so the time spent was worth it.

He is an image of what I created
Custom Citadel Paint Shelf
Click for original size
I decide to use:

  • 32mm wide pine for the frame - £2.99 at Homebase
  • White 32mm plasterboard lipping for the shelves- £6.99 at Homebase
  • Pegboard off-cut for the backing - £0.00
  • Misc screws and glue that I already own - £0.00
  • All in all this will put me out of pocket by £9.98 which keeps the project cost below the £10.00 I was happy to expend.

The dimensions will be

  • 650mm (w)
  • 375.4mm (h)
  • 36.5mm (d)
  • with 5 x 32mm shelves spaced at 45mm (base to base)
  • and a bottom void of 122.3mm which will enable me to add a couple more shelves in the future should I need them.

I plan to get this build started (and hopefully finished) tonight.
I can't wait to show you how it looks!


I have just finished putting the shelf together and am now waiting for the glue to set.  I have made a mistake though, despite all my careful planning!

I screwed the top and bottom pieces of the frame work on the outside of the left and right sides, meaning the shelf is not as tall as I wanted.  I am disappointed with myself for this, however I am not very handy when it comes to building things so am not particularly surprised at my mistake.  Still, the unit will be equally useful though I will not be able to store as many paint pots per shelf as originally planned for (18 as opposed to 20).

Also, the length of plastic lipping I purchased could provide for only 4 shelves instead of 5.  Not to worry! See the finished product in this post - Building an Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack.

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