07 April, 2016

A Battle With Space–In Need of Storage Idea’s

My paint room is half of an 8ft x 4ft Garden shed, further reduced in size by insulation and plasterboard.  It is tiny but it is what I have.  My worktop takes up two walls, making an L shape and is just 40cm deep and as such I feel that I have to use the vertical space as effectively as possible and despite having just built a custom paint rack for my Citadel paint pots I now feel that I need a way to store the myriad of other bits and pieces associated with the hobby such as brushes, knives, clippers, kitchen roll as well as my WIPS (works in progress) and boxes of models waiting to be worked on.  Additionally I need a safe way to store completed pieces.
As you may or may not be aware, I have recently become heavily addicted to Pinterest and have found it to be a fantastic resource for storage idea’s as well as other DIY projects and with the site’s help I have a few idea’s in mind for ways that I can make better use of the space available to my in the paint room but I have yet to find any pins that specifically address the issues I have with regards to the structure (shed), space and the hobby.
Here is a mock-up of my space, created in Sketchup 6 (as I did for my paint rack project) so you have some idea of what I am up against.  By the way, I currently have no electrical power in there at the moment; the strip light in the rendering is just a thought for the future.
The Paint Room Sketchup Model V2 lighting closeup
I wonder if you have any thoughts, or experience to share?  Maybe you are in the same predicament as me and have overcome some of the struggles that I am dealing with now?  If so, I would really love to hear from you in the comments below.

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